Welcome to the wonderful world of the contemporary mandala.

Mandalas in the book embrace the differing qualities of Rose Windows, Breath Portals, Heart Openings, Star Lights and Inner Shields.

Each section features stunning reproductions of exquisite handpainted mandalas for contemplation and healing.

Below is a small sampling of the stunning mandalas included in this remarkable collection. Perfect for contemplation, breath practice, relaxation or any time you wish to take a moment and return to centre.

 Guardians of the Eightfold Path, The Eleventh Moon, Pineal Ecstasy and Sun Moon Star. 

Guardians of the Eightfold Path

Guardians of the Eightfold Path


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12 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Oh my gosh! Fran…..these are so wonderful! What a talent. Be nice to have your book. I suppose you use acrylic and air brush for the glow effects…..Judy sure was right about your abilities as an artist. Obviously you are on a spiritual journey yourself.

  2. Do you have a current book out? Are the pages glossy? I’d like to put up a series of 4 in frames for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall meditations.

  3. I love all your mandalas can’t wait to start working on the next one! Love Lee Sax and ofcourse I want the book!

  4. This beautiful and illuminating artwork seems to speak to us both individually and collectively.
    I look forward to journeying with the book!

    Thank you Fran,


  5. Please reserve a copy for me. I first saw Fran’s mandala creations over twenty years ago. Have one posted on the wall above my desk radiating love, harmony and beauty.

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